A new dawn to the blog

snow covered mountain during sunrise
Photo by Sagui Andrea on Pexels.com

I write this mostly to myself at this point since I haven’t posted for a long time and even when I posted my readers could be counted on one hand. I have wanted to write more on the blog but I have a bit of  “Niggle” in me (for you Tolkien aficionados)….in other words I can be a bit of a perfectionist when I write. I don’t run short of ideas, I just don’t always finish them…and in fact rarely finish them lately. This is mainly because I either stop liking the idea once I start putting it to text, or think of many other things to write which makes it too big for a blog post. This has produced quite a bit of frustration in me because I love the exchange of ideas but if I don’t put the idea out there others can’t respond. At a conference I attended last week a speaker put forth the idea that Pastors are primarily in the communication business and I generally agree with that. My job as a Pastor is help disciple the people in our church and since the word disciple means “one who learns” it’s relatively apparent that communication is key in the learning process. That means that if I want to be effective in helping to disciple people it is important to take advantage of the all ways available to me in communicating how I understand follow Jesus, which is my primary purpose in this blog as well, and especially in areas I am somewhat proficient.

In thinking about this it was also somewhat providential that I had a conversation with a friend of mine recently, Nick Cady, who has an established blog, about how to do this thing better. Nick suggested a couple of different things: First, limit my posts to 500 words or less. That helps in several ways, mainly in limiting my ability to try to turn my blog post into a book. Secondly, publish something new three times a week. It is in refreshed content that potential readers will know that visiting my blog will produce something new. Both are sound suggestions to my mind and I intend to proceed.

Hopefully this new dawn of the blog will find some more readers and perhaps even lead us to exchange some ideas…..I think that I would enjoy that.

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