A new blog title- The Eclectic Christian


As I’ve considered restarting my blog I realized the title doesn’t really capture what I will include in the blog. I’ve used Simply Jesus for various things over the years and it usually captures what I’m about but I realized that it also misrepresents what I want to do with this site. Ultimately I love to share and discuss ideas and while I’m a Christian and the simplicity of Jesus appeals to me personally, I also recognize that some people can misunderstand my intentions. I’ve always been very interested in a broad range of things, and my faith as a Christian believer will always will and should influence how I think of these things, but I also want to exchange ideas with people who may not share all of my convictions. Titles can limit an audience, and while I’m under no delusions my audience will ever be substantial, I prefer a larger range than whom the title Simply Jesus might appeal.

So what will the blog be about? Almost everything that interests me, and especially one who identifies as a Christian. Science, art and music (actually many creative ideas), politics, culture, ministry (after all I am a Pastor) and almost anything else of which I can think. I have a rather eclectic set of interests…hence the title. Hopefully you will also….

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